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I am an everyday gal who loves entertaining and has a passion for presentation, whether it be for a casual get together, dinner party or giving a gift. That being said, I am a working professional (as many of us are) with a busy schedule and unfortunately was not born with an innate creative talent that others such as Martha Stewart were; it simply just wasn't meant to be.

It's funny how so many talented individuals make it look so easy to set a dinner table, make cupcakes (it takes me 3 days), or create a beautifully wrapped gift! My reality is spending countless hours, especially during the holiday season, driving around trying to find the best gift wrap and embellishments that I feel will visually communicate how much the person receiving my gift means to me, almost as much as the gift inside. Then, I will spend even more hours sitting on the floor, killing my back, attempting to make handmade bows, clever gift toppers and wrapping the wonderful items I can't wait to give that by the end I nearly resent the gift itself!

Finally, during one of my regular cocktail hour counseling sessions with my husband about this subject, being the critical thinker that he is, simply stated that I should just develop my own products to fill this gap and share them with the world as there must be others that share my same challenges. After overcoming feelings of awe on this brilliant idea, which never crossed my mind, I got to work and Joli Motif was born.


Our Mission

Our mission at Joli Motif is to elevate the art of gift giving by providing innovative luxury gift wrap, gift boxes and embellishments perfect for making a statement. 

We are here to bring inspiration to and provide modern gift enthusiasts with unique, easily accessible, high end gift wrap options that have been thoughtfully designed for both form and function. From our gift wrap sheets that fit our boxes perfectly to the intricate wooden toppers that assemble in a snap to provide an eye catching finishing touch.

Welcome to Joli Motif